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As a leading provider of technology solutions, Hyper Networks recognizes the hurdles that many state/local agencies and education facilities encounter when attempting to obtain financing for their IT requirements. Whether it's developing digital infrastructure, bolstering cybersecurity, enhancing broadband connectivity, or ensuring safety, securing funds to support these crucial initiatives is vital. Regrettably, numerous organizations remain unaware of the available funding options, and the grant application process can be daunting and time intensive. 

Hyper Networks SLED Program

This is where the Hyper Networks SLED Grant Program (state, local, and education) comes in. Our team possesses a deep understanding of the funding landscape and we collaborate closely with these organizations daily to assist them in identifying and obtaining the necessary funding. We also help them implement the appropriate technology solutions that meet their unique objectives and requirements.  Give us a call today at(888) 497-3711 to see how we can help you get started.

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Jarred Morgan - VP of Connectivity

To learn more, contact Jarred Morgan - VP Connectivity or call us at 888-497-3711