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Operations Manager
Employment Type: Full time
Benefits Offered: 401K, Dental, Life, Medical, Vision
Location: Henderson, NV

Whether it’s making sure an airline can book flights, a worldwide hotel chain’s locations have internet access, or a large distribution center is physically secured, you will lead a united team in fulfilling the promises we make to our customers during the sales process. That means delivering products and services on time, as expected, and in a way that increases the value customers get from choosing us. While your team manages the details of high-intensity programs and projects, you’ll also be on a path for further professional growth and personal development.

- Manage operations team that delivers on connectivity, all things IT, cybersecurity, and physical security
- Define success for projects/programs and then manage scope changes, problem-resolution, resources, and communication for successful on-time delivery
- Ensure team members receive and maintain training & certifications
- Develop and implement operational playbooks for delivery
- Build relationships with stakeholders in customer organizations
- Develops and maintains relationships with peers, partners and direct reports
- Promote employee growth trajectories
- Manage team budgets, performance metrics, and communication
- Ensure best practices are adopted in all processes and procedures implemented across the program

Required Skills:
- 5+ years’ experience in operations and formal project management
- 5+ years’ experience as official team manager

Desired Skills:
- Bachelor’s degree in business or technology, but any field will be a plus
- Sales experience is welcome; will increase awareness of the full cycle of delivery 

Personal Attributes & Behaviors:
- Eager to receive feedback and improve, frequently prompts others to provide critique.
- Proactively seeks opportunities to learn and grow both in job skills and personal attributes; normally adapts quickly to change.
- Demonstrates trustworthiness and integrity.
- Personal values and ethics align with a company’s values; can explain these values and often cultivates them in others.
- Regularly seeks to understand and reinforce the big picture about what they do, to connect even tedious tasks to the larger context and mission.
- Considers what to commit to and consistently delivers on those commitments, on time; is proactive about learning from failures.
- Passionate about the company and own work and encourages within the team.
-Open and respectful to all and works well in diverse environment; promotes this in others.

Team Attributes & Behaviors:
- Shares accurate information; rarely needs to be prompted to do so.
- Communication is clear, efficient, accurate, and leads to better group collaboration.
- Considers the impact of own decisions on own group, and usually considers impact on department, and company; rarely needs prompting to do so.
- Resolves misunderstandings and difficulties with others, rarely needs prompting and coaching to do so; conflict resolution leads to greater trust; sometimes requires escalation.
- Consistently seeks to be involved in projects with others; rarely operates in isolation.
- Helps build team spirit and is eager to be part of team events; encourages others to do so.

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