At Hyper Networks, our goal is customer satisfaction. When it comes to how much bandwidth you should order for a convention booth, it is based mainly upon what will fill your needs and expectations as a customer. Some questions that can help us to find the best solution for your booth include:

    • What kind of media will you be supporting over this network?
    • Will you need your network to support streaming?
    • How will you be connecting to this network? Wired connections? Wifi?
  • How many connections will you be requiring?

The lowest speed (10mb) available costs $3,500 and goes up to 1Gb for $50,000. Larger bandwidths, up to 40Gb, are available on an individual case basis.

What happens after I order from Hyper Networks for CES?

Providing Internet service is easy, but providing reliable Internet service in high-density environments, on a temporary basis, is anything but easy. At Hyper Networks, we combine a series of best practices drawn from years of experience, a highly-skilled network engineering team, robust IT equipment, and a service level guarantee in contract to show you that we are serious about providing the best available network experience. Our commitment is to provide world-class Internet connectivity for you and your attendees.